Rio Grande has Wireless Internet WiFi 802.11 b, g, n

The RioNET wireless system is an Aruba Networks system of 200+ wireless access points covering all campus buildings (including the Meigs Center) and outdoor units focused on the main green and athletic fields.

RioNET Wireless is configured for maximum security using WPA2 Personal (RioGuest) and WPA2 Enterprise (RioSecure) encryption. RioNET account holders, should use RioSecure and on-board the required security certificates provided by Campus Computing & Networking. On first use, devices will be prompted for the user's RioNET credentials. Devices with RioSecure security credentials will automatically reconnect to the RioNET wireless without repeating the process.

Guests to campus should connect to "RioGuest" with the passphrase "RioGuest". The device browser should present the campus Acceptable Use Policy for acceptance, then a page for the user's e-mail address. RioGuest is not a persistent connection and this process must be repeated for later re-connections.

Please reference the WiFi Frequently Asked Questions on the Technology Support - Wireless Page for more complete information.

Expansion of the campus wireless was completed in Spring 2013.

RioNET "Public" and "Secure" wireless SSIDs have been removed.
Please use "RioGuest" and "RioSecure" as appropriate.