Wired Network

Campus Computing & Networking completed a network refresh of its fiber optic and Ethernet wiring equipment in the Fall of 2012. Our new equipment now supports 10GB and 1GB optical connections to each campus building and the primary and back-up data centers. The new networking equipment delivers gigabit speeds to the desktop, along with one to ten gigabit speeds for the backbone to core services.  Each copper port supports Power over Ethernet providing a solid infrastructure framework for future implementations requiring it (like wireless access points, cameras and voice over IP phones).

RioNET is supported by two Internet Service Providers using multiple redundant fiber paths for disaster recovery and redundancy.

OARnet, an OH-Net Consortium Member of the State of Ohio is the primary ISP and provides all academic and business IP connectivity to the Internet and Internet2. Rio Grande has been an OARnet member since 1994.

Horizon Telcom of Chillicothe, Ohio provides Internet services for campus and is an Ohio Middle Mile Consortium (OMMC) partner with peering connections with OARnet at various points. RioNET passes both ResNET and RioNET Wireless traffic to Horizon. The Meigs Center in Pomeroy, Ohio is interconnected with the Rio Grande main campus through a Horizon point to point optical circuit.

Network Operations Centers do not publish details on the layout and configuration of an enterprise network.