Troubleshooting Guide - Email

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RioNET Email uses Microsoft Office 365 which is much like other Outlook Web Mail services, but specialized in that is uses the University's domain names ( & A Federated Identity solution is maintained back to campus for secure logins that do NOT transfer user passwords to Microsoft.

RioNET email is highly secure and uses the most currently advanced web protocols. Not all web browsers can meet the requirements and Safe Computing Best Practices will assure a secure and usable service. These notes are provided as troubleshooting suggestions for resolving issues.

  1. Google Chrome will not let users authenticate with ADFS, which prevents users from successfully “redirecting” back to campus.
    1. Users should user a fully up-to-date version of Internet Explorer or Firefox.
      Safari & Firefox on the Mac works.
      Mobile browsers are a mixed bag – using the specific mobile apps always works best.
  2. Settings in IE &/or Firefox will not let users access the SSL/TLS functionality of ADFS; resetting the advanced settings back to defaults fixes this.
    1. Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > Reset (don’t check the checkbox)
  3. Viruses/malware & toolbars have prevented users from logging in; it redirects fine, but won’t accept authentication since the virus/malware tries to hijack their session.
    1. Uninstall any unnecessary programs that may seem suspicious.
      (Sendori & SweetPacks are the new ones going around that cause major issues)
  4. Users don’t know what their password really is; they put it in their phone then forget what they actually put in there.  Resetting password fixes this.
    1. Users can reset their own password if they’ve already gone through the Password Registration process.
    2. Use the Password Reset feature on to reset passwords if they have registered.
    3. Otherwise contact CC&N by email to, or by phone.
  5. Using a computer in a secure business setting (hospital/bank/etc.) can prevent users from using external authentication providers RioNET ADFS and other similar…).
    1. Please try using a computer at home or at the local library.
    2. This could also occur in K-12 school settings.
  6. The computer clock is too far off.
    1. Check and correct the clock settings to reflect the local time zone and time.
  7. The “redirection” authentication box pre-appends their local computer name to the username field, which tries to pass local authentication.
    1. Click the “Use Another Account” button - this requires users to retype the email address and password.
  8. Users aren’t correctly typing after their username and the redirection never occurs.
    1. Review what is being typed as username, and verify it.
  9. Users can not have two open Microsoft Mail Accounts open in different windows of the same browser. The mail system has associated the user and browser to a specific user account.
    1. a. Use two different browsers, if necessary - one Microsoft IE and the other Firefox.
  10. Safe Computing and Private Browser Windows are now considered best practice whenever Personal Identifiable Information is typed into a browser form or text entry box.
    1. Choose this option typically found under Menu\Tools.
  11. Clearing browser cache and history is recommended.
    1. Stubborn computers, despite doing everything correctly, sometimes still have orphaned and abandoned temporary files disrupting the proper use of secure browsing.
    2. Personal use of products like CCleaner can be most helpful.