Student Guide

All students at the time of class registration will be provisioned a RioNET user account that provides authentication and access to networked resources including:
  • Campus Computer Log-in Access
  • RioSecure Wireless Network Access
  • Office365 E-Mail (web and mobile)
  • Blackboard Learning


Know your RioNET Account

  • All Rio Grande students, faculty & staff are provided a RioNET account which provides login and authentication services for networked services including campus computers, wireless, email, and Blackboard. 
  • RioNET student usernames are the letter "s" followed by the student's ID# (s#########).
  • RioNET email address is their RioNET account followed by (
  • Default passwords are issued to each RioNET user and are fully functional.
    Registration for the Password Reset Portal and changing your default password is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Step 1 - Register for Self-Service Password Resets
Before using your RioNET account, it is highly advised to register for the self-service password reset portal.

  1. Browse to - Click on the Password Registration (blue) icon.
  2. Use your RioNET account as your username (Ex. s######### or URG\s#########)
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete registration

Step 2 - Change your RioNET Password
Once registered for self-service password resets, you can navigate to the Password Reset Portal and change your RioNET password at any time, even if you've forgotten the old password.

  1. Browse to - Click on the Password Reset (Red) icon.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions to change passwords

Step 3 - Login to RioNET Email
RioNET email is hosted by Microsoft's Office 365 online Exchange environment, and uses federated authentication for usernames and passwords.  You can login to your student email from anywhere as long as you have an unrestricted Internet connection.

  1. Browse to - Click RioNET Email (tan) icon. Please read the NOTE:.
  2. Login using your student or faculty/staff email address
    1. If using a campus computer you are logged into, you shouldn't be prompted for a password
    2. If logging in from a personal computer, ensure your email address is correct, and enter your RioNET password