Staff & Faculty Accounts

Access to computers and network resources pivots on Identity Management.
Campus Computing & Networking is responsible for managing RioNET user accounts and for security of networked services.

New Accounts

Four user accounts are created for faculty & staff depending on their campus involvements. Three different offices are involved.

  1. RioNET Accounts and Microsoft Office 365 e-mail accounts are created by Campus Computing & Networking.
  2. BlackBoard accounts are created by Instructional Design & Media Services.
  3. Student|Space accounts are created by Management Information Services.

New User Guides are available for your reference!

Campus Computing & Networking creates RioNET networking accounts for computer log-in and Microsoft Office 365 e-mail accounts. Every Rio Grande employee is provisioned his or her account immediately following the Human Resources hiring process. Office365 uses RioNET usernames in the format of the user's e-mail address (, but currently uses separate password authentication. It is expected that Federated Identity Management will be applied to Office365 and soon, a single password schema will be available.

Network storage folders are created and sharing permissions assigned, plus security groups memberships are created to permit authentication and authority levels throughout the networked systems. Document imaging, local instant messaging, web site authoring access and many other services are managed by Campus Computing & Networking. All new RioNET accounts are confirmed with Human Resources and the new user's respective department.

Instructional Design and Media Services creates BlackBoard accounts for faculty & staff upon request whenever the online course management system resources are needed. BlackBoard uses RioNET usernames and passwords.

Management Information Systems also creates StudentSpace, Great Plains and Ariett ReqNET accounts for users based on their campus roles and administrative needs. These Management Information Services accounts do not use RioNET authentication at this time.