RioNET Wireless

Rio Grande has Public Wireless Internet WiFi 802.11 b, g

Expansion of the RioNET Wireless is proposed for 2012 & 2013.

CC&N fully expects to have a comprehensive new wireless network in place to provide both full coverage and high capacity. ALL new wireless standards will be factored into the new network to assure safe, quick and reliable service. Special portals for guest logins, Eduroam and RioNET user access will be implemented in the new wireless system.

Wireless networks broadcast SSIDs which are available for device connections. Encrypted or restricted network SSIDs require a pass code for gaining access.
Public is an open connection to the Internet and recommended for general use.
Secure and RioNET are both encrypted SSID connections going to the same outside Internet connections.
Please contact the Campus Computing & Networking office for the pass code if encrypted sessions are required.


  • Anniversary Hall
  • Rhodes Student Center
    • Food Court
    • Jenkins Center for Student Success
    • Math Lab
  • Fine & Performing Arts
  • Residence Halls
    • All Lobbies
  • Kidd Math Science
    • Lobby


  • Davis Career Center
    • Lobby
  • Davis Library
    • All three floors
  • Davis University Center
    • RedZone Main Floor
    • Main Dining Room Second Floor
    • Conference Room
    • Board Room


  • Wood Hall
    • Lobby
    • Room 115
  • McKenzie Hall
    • Lobby
    • Room 105
    • Room 205
  • Bob Evans Farms Hall
    • Lobby
    • Room 111
    • Room 216