RioNET Projects

Campus Computing & Networking is charged with keeping the IT services operational at all times. Daily maintenance and Help Desk tasks are intermixed with longer term projects to keep RioNET fully functional and ready for future demands.

"If the phone isn't ringing, it must be working."

Campus Computing & Networking manages a Local Area Network (LAN) servicing 30+ buildings, multiple Wide Area Networks (WAN), multiple data centers, data storage and back-up systems, plus end user computing devices for faculty & staff. Keeping it all running properly is a major task.

Avoiding outages involves both preventive planning and dodging external factors like severe weather and downed utility lines. Whether it is power outages, damaged cables or equipment failures, the process of restoring service involves troubleshooting and making the necessary repairs or remediation. Scheduled cyclic major network renovations involving equipment replacements and upgrades typically are at scheduled intervals ranging from every five to ten years.

Major RioNET project initiatives: