RioNET Network

RioNET is a campus Local Area Network with multiple Wide Area Network connections to the Internet and to branch campus locations.
Security dictates that only certain information is publicly disclosed, but pride in our campus infrastructure mandates that we boast just a little...


RioNET is a robust infrastructure built for today's needs and tomorrows new demands. Campus Computing & Networking uses Brocade Network gear with both 10GB single mode fiber and 1GB multi-mode fiber connections to various buildings across campus. Key critical buildings are protected with both limited run-time uninterruptible power supplies and generator backup systems. All building network edge equipment is protected from power surges and momentary drops by standard rack-mounted uninterruptible power supplies. The network core facilities are expected to remain operational even though secondary buildings are without power.

Rio Grande's Brocade network infrastructure replaces a mixed Foundry and 3COM networks of 10 and 15 year old equipment. CC&N Network and Systems Administrators fully expect to have IP V6 Internet numbering & routing in full operation as the network replacement project is completed in the late Fall of 2012.


Rio Grande is very fortunate to have multiple Internet Service Providers and fiber-based network providers offering services to the Village of Rio Grande area.

  • OARnet - Ohio Academic & Research Network is the campus' main Internet Service Provider who allocates Rio with our TCP/IP assigned numbers and primary Domain Name Service. Two diverse fiber paths connect the campus to OARnet's 10 GB and 100 GB network and the peering partners of the Internet beyond.
  • Horizon Telecom - Formerly, Chillicothe Telephone, this secondary Internet Service Provider plays a critical role in our fiber backhaul to OARnet and as a supplier of Internet bandwidth for the campus wireless environment. Horizon also provides a fiber WAN, point to point interconnections between the main campus and the Meigs Center.
  • AT&T - Rio Grande's first fiber provider interconnects the main campus to OARnet via an OptiMAN Ethernet Virtual Connection service. AT&T was selected for Rio Grande Community College as the State of Ohio "Last Mile" service provider for the institution.