RioNET Accounts

Access to computers and network resources pivots on Identity Management.
Campus Computing & Networking is responsible for managing RioNET user accounts and for security of networked services.

The University of Rio Grande utilizes many Information Technologies and make every attempt to limit the number of separate user accounts, log-ins and passwords. Despite best efforts, the reality is that today, some systems are still separated and independent and do not allow single sign-on and cross authentication. The good news is that new technologies evolve constantly and Rio can merge them together when they make sense and permits the highest levels of personal information security.

Accounts are different for faculty/staff and for students. Each is outlined here as a reference guide to the resources you have available and the process required to activate accounts and to change passwords when it becomes necessary.

Staff & Faculty Accounts

Every Rio Grande employee is provisioned a RioNET account in the Human Resources hiring process. Campus Computing & Networking creates the user's RioNET networking account for computer log-in and the Microsoft Office 365 e-mail account. Office365 uses RioNET usernames in the format of the user's e-mail address (, but currently uses separate password authentication. It is expected that Federated Identity Management will be applied to Office365 and soon, a single password schema will be available.

Student Accounts

Every Rio Grande student is provisioned a RioNET account on class registration or attendance at an Admissions Orientation. RioNET student accounts permit computer log-in for systems located in campus computer labs. A Microsoft Outlook Live@edu e-mail account is also automatically provisioned with the RioNET account process. Default passwords are assigned which must be changed to activate the student's account, e-mail services and access to BlackBoard. Student RioNET passwords are synchronized and can be updated easily online using the Password Portal web page.