Instructional technology is not restricted to computer labs and specialty areas.

Many Rio Grande meeting rooms and larger venue areas are equipped with multimedia podiums with computers/laptops, digital projection, sound systems, document imaging cameras and often DVD players. The intent is to provide both internal and guest presenters with Internet connectivity and presentation resources. Sometimes guests prefer to provide their own laptops, thus most podiums are configured with a secondary Ethernet cable and VGA video connection.

Each location is different, but typically a wireless Internet connection is also available to provide greater flexibility to the existing Ethernet cable. Both "Public" and "Secure" wireless connections are available in these locations.

Instructions on podium use and common tips & tricks are located on each podium in a plastic sheet cover. Please contact the respective departmental Help Desk for assistance when needed.

  • Campus Computing & Networking is responsible for the computer and the network connectivity.
    Local guest log-in access is provided and included on the printed instruction sheet.
  • Instructional Design & Media Services maintains the digital projector, audio systems and other provided equipment.