Patch Management

Updates - Updates - Updates...
Sooner or later they have to be done!

Keeping computer operating systems and software updated is a never ending chore. Apple, LINUX and Microsoft operating systems are in a constant cycle of bug and security patching. Software companies, like Adobe (Acrobat & Flash) and Oracle (Java) and typically updating their product offerings soon after problems are discovered and the software engineers can write new code.

Campus computers are scheduled for downloads two ways:

  1. Lab computers are locked with a product called Faronics Deep Freeze. Systems are unlocked and updated on regular schedules.
  2. Faculty & Staff computers are managed by the KACE system which gathers all the system updates and assembles the patching package and deploys them to each system. The user does not control when updates will be announced for deployment but can accept or delay their installation. Sooner or later, the KACE will push out the necessary updates.


  1. KACE sends the computer a notification that an update package is ready to deploy.
  2. The user can click OK to proceed, Snooze to delay & be reminded after a short delay, or Cancel to defer the updating to a later time. Choose OK when an interruption is acceptable. A KACE Agent KPatchingAlent windows appears.
  3. Updates can often require a reboot. If the user accepts the updates, be prepared for a reboot - have critical information saved.

Updating & patching computer operating systems is inevitable. Properly maintaining a computer system does require keeping it protected with the issued releases of code that correct known problems and vulnerabilities. Our use of the KACE management systems is the best way to assure that every computer is properly supported.

CC&N regrets the inconvenience, but is very pleased with the positive results observed in the first year of operation.