Policy #:  7.4.2

Responsible Executive: Provost, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Responsible Office:  Campus Computing & Networking

Originally Issued: (TBD)

Revised: N/A

Network User Account Policy  


I. Policy Statement

Network User Account Policy

The University will provision and maintain a Network User Account (RioNET) for all full and part-time students, faculty, and staff for the purpose of authentication and Federated Identity Management as a Certified Identity Provider under the authority of the Internet2 InCommon organization.[1]

Guests, contractors, consultants, Trustees and other persons may also have RioNET accounts upon approval of Human Resources.

Users provided a RioNET account are bound to the Terms & Conditions outlined in the campus Acceptable Use Policy and others outlined by accessed content/service providers.

The University shall operate industry standard identity management systems capable of providing assurance of a user's electronic identity plus other required attributes.

Campus Computing & Networking shall be charged with the operations of such identity management systems and shall purge delinquent and unused accounts as necessary for compliance to meet the assurance requirements of content/service providers seeking Federated Identity Management user authentication.

Student & alumni accounts remain active providing the user continues use after enrollment terms. Continued active status is achieved by e-mail logins for a minimum of six months off-line.

Staff and faculty accounts remain active during the period of employment or through the benefits extended via Emeritus status as recommended and approved by action of the Trustees.

Guest, contractors, consultant and Trustee accounts remain active during the term of the user's engagement with the institution.

Operational procedures and best practices are maintained within the requirements of InCommon and the participating content/service providers.

[1] InCommon, operated by Internet2, provides a secure and privacy-preserving trust fabric for research and higher education, and their partners, in the United States. InCommon's identity management federation serves 8 million end-users (IPEDS data; October 2014). InCommon also operates a related assurance program, and offers certificate and multifactor authentication services.


II. Reason for Policy

External compliance for Identity Provider standards with

III. Entities Affected By This Policy

All units of the University.

IV. Who Should Read This Policy

All members of the University community.

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VII. Contacts


Direct any questions about this policy to your department's administrative manager.
If you have questions about specific issues, call the following offices: Campus Computing & Networking


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