Mobile Devices

Mobility is the future of networking. Rio's wireless future will provide both coverage and capacity for both data and voice applications for mobile devices.

RioNET Wireless

Mobile devices are largest technology sales area with the average device only lasting under one year. What was once just a cellular telephone, now has become a portable computing and entertainment device with high resolution video and support for 802.11n wireless networks.

RioNET supports wireless networking today in a limited number of locations. The Strategic Plan calls for replacing and expanding Rio's wireless equipment to both indoor and outdoor locations.

Support for wireless printing is also on the agenda, but admittedly is much more complex to design and difficult to support. Regardless of the challenges, Campus Computing & Networking recognizes the direction wireless will take in the future and will move aggressively towards solutions.

Regional Cellular

Support for cellular communication is entirely external to RioNET and governed by both the Federal Communications Commission and the local cellular carriers. The types of cellular service is both a licensing matter and a business decision of the carriers and what new technologies they wish to deploy.

Luckily, Rio Grande is not off the map and is well supported by 3G & 4G type services by AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, and Verizon. Typically, cellular coverage is focused on population centers and transportation corridors. Commuting students may find that one carrier is better supported in their particular residential location over the other carriers. Please check you local coverage first before committing to a contract. Having friends with different carrier's phones stop by your location is the easiest way to test out the available coverage.