Desktop & Laptop Computing

Technology depreciates quickly as Moore's Law explains...
the number of transistors and circuits will double about every two years.

Tier One

Rio Grande has always attempted to keep computing technology refreshed at a rate balanced between performance and functional utility. Campus Computing & Networking recently deployed new Dell Optiplex 990 desktop systems to all full -ime faculty & staff. These desktop systems feature a CPU mounting stand behind the monitor and are very easy to deploy and service.

Tier Two

Older Dell Optiplex 660 systems formerly used by full-time faculty were recovered as the Tier One systems were distributed. After memory upgrades, these very usable systems were re-imaged with Windows 7 and placed on the remaining desks of part-time faculty, work study students and in utility areas.

The re-use of good, stable systems with remaining utility allows the campus to remain cost effective with desktop computing and focuses the placement of new technology with the full-time faculty & staff.

Operating Systems and Software

Almost every Dell campus desktop is now running Windows 7 and is managed by the Dell KACE system. Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox, Citrix, Oracle Java, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash, plus Symantec Endpoint Security is typical of a standard deployment. Other software often becomes requested and is typically installed by CC&N support staff or self-installed using the KACE Software Library. If the software is frequently requested, the KACE method is most convenient.