Configuration Guide - Mobile Devices

Detailed steps for configuring mobile devices for wireless and e-mail is an endless task with many sub-areas for different device operating systems by various manufacturers. This guide is brief and generalized and has hundreds of variations. The key to ease-free configuration is knowing what your are entering for information and getting comfortable with your device.


  1. Tablets and phones are not a substitute for laptop or desktop computers. Not yet!
  2. Several mobile operating systems exist, with newer to older versions and with customizations by the manufacturer.
  3. Not all "Set-up" screens are in the same format or have the same sub-menus.
  4. Users should know his or her username, email address and password before starting!


  • Open Settings \ Wireless or WiFi
  • Select RioSecure - TAP
  • Users will be prompted for entering their username & password. TYPE IN CORRECTLY
    Android devices are prompted for "Identity" not "Username", "Anonymous Identity" can be left blank.
  • Apple iOS users will be asked to accept one or two security certificates - YES, do this.
  • Save and watch the screen as the device connects and obtains an IP address.
  • After configuration, the saved user credentials and the security certificates will allow the device to automatically connect to the RioSecure network on campus.


  • Open Settings \ Mail, Contacts & Calendars for iOS or Accounts for Android.
  • Choose - Add new account
  • Fill in the Username & Email Address boxes with the user's email address.
  • Fill in the Password
  • Click Next... some differences here.
  • Some devices autodiscover the mail systems and if typed correctly, the account will connect leaving the device at confirmation screens.
  • If the device fails to verify and returns a screen with more entry boxes, re-check that the username and email address boxes have the user's email address - CORRECTLY
    Retype the password slowly and double check if there is a View Password check box.
    Server should have Domain should be blank.
    Description can be anything - we like "RioNET Email".