Internships Available


Internships are available for all baccalaureate majors in the School of Business.  These programs provide unique opportunities to gain on-the-job training and experience, make contacts for future opportunities and explore career possibilities while earning credits toward a degree.  An internship/experience program strengthens the student's resume and provides a source of job references or recommendations and business contacts for the future.  In addition, courses become more meaningful and grades often improve as real world experience reinforces theory.  Ultimately, this experience should enhance success in both the classroom and in one's career while giving the student a competitive advantage in the job market upon graduation.

From time to time, School of Business organizes real world business panel discussion to the students and faculty from the panelists drawn from a wide selection of successful business people.

School of Business constantly seeks feedback to improve its plans and programs to benefit the students and the community from its advisory board. Please contact Linda Thevenir  at 740-245-7373.