The Emerson E. Evans School of Business Assessment includes: students, faculty, graduates and employers (through internships); through the following list of direct and indirect assessment measures.


  • Students respond to surveys at the end of each semester.
  • Students assess faculty.
  • Faculty review peers.
  • Graduates assess the programs through alumni surveys.
  • Employers assess the programs through the intern process.
  • The Assessment of Student Learning Committee (ASLC) is the peer group on campus that facilitates standardized assessment plans. The all-campus project seeks to create a continual process which enables and improves teaching inputs for desired student outcomes.
  • Multiple community employers assess programs through their service on the Business Advisory Council (Holzer Health Systems, Bob Evans, Ohio Valley Bank, Outdoor Signs, Ohio State University)
  • Besides the entry and exit tests, students are tested at the two-year level and the Business Portfolio course serves as an assessment and capstone for mid-program.
  • The Strategic Management Course (Business Capstone) facilitates ranking students with Business students in an international competition that includes running a fictitious business for ten years (10 weeks).