Sculpture Park

This site is dedicated to the University of Rio Grande Sculpture Park. The sculptures pictured here are all located out of doors on the University of Rio Grande Campus. The locations are listed at the end of each description. Or, for more adventure, you may just find a sculpture on campus, look around and you will see another. The majority of these works are on loan from various artists to support a perpetual sculpture exhibition developed for the enjoyment of school children, Rio Grande students and faculty, and for the citizens in the community and Southeastern Ohio.

All the works were created by professional sculptors from throughout the United States. The concept for establishing the park was initiated by our friend and arts consultant Brooks Jones. It was then launched with the donation of "Folded/Circle Ring" by Fletcher Benton, along with generous financial support from Bob Evans. Both Brooks and Fletcher were natives of Jackson county who developed international reputations in the arts. Bob Evans was a nationally famous businessman and entrepreneur and life-long supporter of the university. They each deserve our enthusiastic appreciation. Brooks had always been a lover and promoter of the arts and upon his death also donated an outstanding collection of art from his private collection. This collection can be seen on the second floor of the Greer Museum and Gallery. Fletcher still lives and works in San Francisco.

As you explore our campus, enjoy our efforts to provide and maintain this collection of contemporary art which is relatively unique to the region. See what your imagination will do with this variety of stimulating and thought provoking objects. Comments and questions about this project should be directed to professor, sculptor, and curator Kevin Lyles.

Folded/Circle Ring

Painted Steel Fletcher Benton Benton has a refined and classical technique and it is apparent in "Folded Circle/Ring." This piece is kinesthetic; whereas, movement is an option but not the focus of the work. The audience may manually move this circle to change the view and interpretation of the piece. The use of form, color, texture, and symbolism was motivation for this piece. If all communication were obsolete or unattainable, what is the symbol most humans would understand and identify with? The circle...... Folded/Circle Ring began our exhibition and is considered to be our anchor work. (Between the Berry Center for the Fine and Performing Arts and the Greer Museum)

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