Political Science


Mission Statement

Political Science is an academic and research discipline that
seeks to describe, analyze, and explain the theory and practice
of politics in its broadest sense. Political theory, institutional
and structural analysis, individual and group participation,
foreign and defense policy, and judicial behavior are included
topics covered in the political curriculum.

Degrees Offered

♦ Associate of Arts – Political Science
♦ Bachelor of Art or Science – Minor in Political Science

Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Minor in Political Science will be
able to:
• Differentiate between a democracy and an autocracy.
They will be able to define democracy, to determine
whether any given political system is a democracy or
an autocracy, and to demonstrate what characteristics,
structures, and functions indicate that it is a
democracy or an autocracy.
• Define constitution and differentiate between a true
constitution and a document which is merely a listing of
governmental structures. They will be able to distinguish
between a constitutional democracy and a basic democracy.
• Compare and contrast the political systems of sovereign
states, both democratic and autocratic.
• Have a working knowledge of international relations and
of the main schools of thought in international relations
and foreign policy. They will understand the principle of
sovereignty and the concept of political power.
• Analyze a court case, a legislative act, or an executive
decision whether it is the actual decision or a scholarly
article discussing the case, the act or the decision