Museum Visit

Museum Visit Form

Each student enrolled in an ART course is required to visit a museum sometime during the course. Start researching your visit early in the semester, so you allow time to schedule your visit at a convenient time, or when a particular show you would like to see is available. There are lots of great museums within driving distance of you. Here's a good list to start with:

Columbus Museum of Art
wexner center for the arts, Columbus
Dayton Art Institute
Cincinnati Art Museum
Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati
Cleveland Museum of Art
Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland
Huntington Museum of Art
Toledo Museum of Art

Wherever you end up visiting, it should be a real museum of art, not the Markay Gallery in Jackson, or the French Art Colony in Gallipolis. These are fine institutions, but you won't find any of the art we discuss in class there. You may find it especially useful to find out if the museum you want to visit has any work by an artist we've discussed in class, or if some other institution is having an exhibit relevant to the class. If you end up going to a large city, you might also see if there are any university or commercial galleries you could visit while you're there.

After your visit, you will be writing a paper about your experience. Your paper should be a minimum 1,000 words. This is a one-three page paper, but your paper will be evaluated by word count rather than pages, to account for differences in fonts, margins, etc. In Microsoft Word, you can check your work count by selecting Tools>Word Count.

Consult the form linked at the top of this page for guidelines for writing your paper. 

Compose your paper as a Microsoft Word document, and include images if you can. Save it as museum_astudent.docx, and include it in your Digital Portfolio for each course you're enrolled in.

If you are enrolled in several courses that have this requirement, you may be able to use the same visit to fulfill the requirement for each course. Check with your instructor. Failure to complete this requirement will suffer a 5% grade reduction for each art class you're taking.

Academic Integrity:
This is a reaction paper, not a research paper, so you shouldn't be doing much citing of sources, but if you do quote someone else's work, cite it correctly using MLA style. Papers will be checked to assure originality. You may want to review the definition of plagiarism, and review the university's policy on academic integrity.

Remember, you must actually visit a museum to fulfill this requirement, not just look at a website. The faculty may request proof of your visit, such as a ticket stub, photos you took of the museum, etc.

Acceptable Formats: doc, docx, rtf or txt ONLY!!