AQIP Requirements for Students

Art Department Forms

Every art STUDENT must:

  • Each art faculty will tell their students when their flash drives are due. Faculty will not give students the opportunity to "fix" the files. It is the sole responsibility of the student to complete the files correctly. Faculty may, at their discretion, review files prior to this date and offer suggestions.
  • THESE FILES ARE WORTH 20% OF YOUR FINAL GRADE, and will be graded with this rubric.
  • Failure to turn in a flash drive or disc will not result in an incomplete. Failure to turn in a disk will result in a 20% (two letter grade) reduction of final grade. NO FLASH TURNS AN "A" INTO A "C" AND "B" INTO A "D".
  • VISIT A MUSEUM (Museum Requirementor commercial gallery, and submit an original 500-1000 word reaction paper, in Microsoft Word format to each instructor. You only need to do one museum visit per semester, no matter how many courses you are enrolled in. This is a requirement for all ART courses, including Art Appreciation.

Every art MAJOR must also:

  • SHOW YOUR WORK (Exhibition Requirement)
  • Or make an effort at some kind of professional development. This could take several forms—you could enter a juried competition, organize a group or solo show, complete a design job for a client, or get a commission. You are only required to one exhibition/commission per semester, no matter how many courses you are enrolled in. However, it is best to do as many of these activities as you can to improve your resume and further your professional career.

Failure to complete either of these requirements in a satisfactory manner will result in a 5% grade reduction each. See your syllabus for details on grading.

As stated above, the exhibition requirement only applies to BFA, AA-Visual Arts, and Art Education students. This is not required of students taking art classes for minor or elective credit.