Digital Portfolio Requirements (AQIP Flash Drive)

Image Size: All images must be between 1,000 and 2,000 pixels in each direction. The easy way to do this is to make the larger number 2,000 px.

Image Format: JPEG only, unless specifically informed by your professor. Video files should be mp4.

Image Name: "project name" then "_" then first initial and last name, like this: "bdavies" then the number of the image, if you have more than one picture of the project, like this: "01" then ".jpg"

EXAMPLE: Sam Taylor takes two pictures of her perspective drawing. The files should be named like this:



Project name Your instructor will provide a written list of project names. Use them EXACTLY AS THEY ARE WRITTEN. If you lose the list, DO NOT GUESS!! Go to your instructor to get the list. Avoid using the / or the . in name of the file. It confuses your computer.

The underscore symbol _This is made by shifting the hyphen.

Number Don't put the number after the project name, lilke this: line1_bdavies.jpg. This is wrong, and it will make it difficult to sort all the files.

The file extension
This should always be .jpg, unless specifically stated otherwise. Clearly, if you're turning in an animated gif, you will need to make it a .gif file. If you're turning in video files, they should be .mov or .mp4

Your list of images might look like this:


Put all your files in one folder. Burn that folder to a disk, or submit it on a portable drive (ask your instructor which she or he prefers). 

If you have questions, see your instructor.