The Music Department offers three degree programs:

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music (Comprehensive) is a general degree in music designed primarily for students who are interested in music performance, composition, private studio teaching, graduate school, and other areas in which an extensive music background would be an asset or necessity.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Music Business (Comprehensive) degree offers a degree that combines a strong background in music and a diverse knowledge base in business and technology.  This is ideal for the student who plans to pursue business careers requiring the talents and skills of a musician, or music careers needing a firm grasp of business practices, such as arts management, recording engineers, retail music sales, music criticism, and other areas.

The Bachelors of Arts - Music Business Comprehensive degree program is accredited through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

The Bachelor of Science in Education (BS), with Multi-Age Licensure (K-12) in Music provides students with the background necessary to teach both vocal and instrumental music to ages three to twenty-one, pre-school to adult, in Ohio public schools.  This program leads to Ohio licensure in Multi-Age Music.

In addition, any student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree in a major that is not Comprehensive may complete their degree with a minor in Music