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Assessment of student learning is integrated into the art curriculum. Each semester, all students submit digital photographs of finished work, artist statements, reflective journals, and other documentation to the faculty. The faculty meet over break to assess student achievement of learning goals, and make changes to curriculum and processes in order to maximize learning.

This process has led to many innovations and improvements to the program over the last four years. For more details of this process, please feel free to download and read any of the following assessment summaries and reports.

2013-2014 Assessment Report

2012-2013 Assessment Report

2011-2012 Assessment Report

2010-2011 Assessment Summary (Combined)

2009-2010 Assessment Summary (Combined)

2008-2009 Assessment Summary (Spring)

2008-2009 Assessment Summary (Fall)

2007-2008 Assessment Summary (Spring)

2007-2008 Assessment Summary (Fall)