Students are assessed numerous times as they work their way towards a music degree.

  • E-Portfolio: In the student's first semester, they are taught how to set up an ePortfolio, which they continue to add to throughout their years here at Rio. Before graduation, they must present their ePortfolio to the rest of the students and faculty in the Music Department.
  • Recitals and Juries: Students' performance skills are observed each semester as they perform on informal afternoon Recital Seminars, and on a jury at the end of the semester. When they get ready to graduate they prepare, and perform on, a full length Senior Recital.
  • Comprehensive Exam: Students take a comprehensive exam covering their Music Theory, Music History, and Aural Training studies to assess how well they retained that knowledge before graduation.
  • Piano Proficiency: Students must successfully complete all sections of a piano proficiency exam before they can graduate. This exam covers basic keyboard skills that are useful to any musician, regardless of their major instrument or area of concentration.
  • Praxis II: Music Education majors will need to pass the Praxis II exam as a part of their music concentration on the path toward Ohio licensure.  They will also take a second portion of the Praxis, based on their choice between a Junior High or High School emphasis.