Art History Projects

Art History Worksheet (complete and show your instructor)

Art History Completed Project Form (complete and include on your AQIP disk)


For every studio course, you will be required to complete an Art History project. Your instructor will supply some specifics, but the general procedure will be the same for all of these projects.

You will select or be assigned an artist, artwork or art movement to work with. Your project may be to make your own version of the work, to work in the style of the artist, or to make something that connects with the formal, technical or conceptual aspects of the original. Your finished piece may end up looking so different from the original piece that without an artist statement, the viewer would not know that there was a connection.

Use the supplied standard form to complete this project. Your project will have four parts.

Part One: Research your artist. Read about them, look at pictures, and write your findings in the form supplied above.

Part Two: Decide what you want to do that relates to the artist. You can focus on the technical, formal, or conceptual aspects of the work. Remember that opposition is a relationship! Write up a description about what you want to do, draw some sketches, and prepare a 2-3 minute presentation to the class or instructor that includes both your research about the artist and your ideas. Write your ideas in the worksheet form supplied above. Scan your sketches and include them in the form.

Complete the worksheet and discuss it with your professor. You will not have to turn in this form on your AQIP disk.

Part Three: Make the work. Complete research or ask for help if you need to work in with a new technique or material. This is a research project, so don't be afraid to try something new!

Part Four: Photograph the work. Write an artist statement. Complete the documentation form and include it on your AQIP disk.

In your digital portfolio, you will turn in two files for this project. The first is a picture of your finished work, titled:

If you have more than one picture of this project (as you would do in Sculpture, 3D design, or Ceramics), put the number at the end of the file name, like this:


The next is the documentation form that includes images of your work and your artist's work, your artist's statement, and reflections about the project. Name this file:

Don't forget to change "astudent" to your own first initial and last name. Kevin Lyles would turn in a file called "AH_klyles.doc".