Systems Portfolios

HLC, in its Systems Portfolio Guide (2010) writes, "The Systems Portfolio serves a number of purposes simultaneously. It is:

  • a means by which you can get high-quality, actionable feedback on your organizational strengths and opportunities from a team of quality improvement experts and educators;
  • a body of evidence to show The Higher Learning Commission that your institution is meeting its Criteria for Accreditation;
  • a common reference point that lets everyone in your institution share an understanding of how you are organized, what your key processes are, what kind of performance those processes produce, and how you improve;
  • a planning tool that helps you shape the institution’s future agenda and concentrate everyone’s attention on those areas that should be the focus of scrutiny for improvement;
  • evidence, over time, that AQIP is working to your institution’s advantage, and that your continued participation in the program makes sense; and
  • a public information and relations tool that lets all of your stakeholders understand clearly and persuasively what you are accomplishing with your resources."

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