Annual Report

Annual Report 2012 CoverPresident’s Welcome

Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Moments so dear
Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minutes
How do you measure – measure a year?
In daylights – in sunsets
In midnights – in cups of coffee
In inches – in miles
In laughter – in strife

The above lyrics from the popular musical Rent provide strong insight into taking a year and measuring its impact in a few words. At the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College, 2012-13 represents a series of impactful moments rather than any one major event. It was a good year, filled with faculty and student scholarship, exciting facilities improvement projects, measurable support from alumni and friends, many cultural events, and the highs and lows of sports fans.

In the fall of 2013, students came back to a "closed" Wood Hall, which was under renovation. Faculty were scattered to offices across campus so a major multi-million dollar reengineering could begin on the most used classroom building on campus. The planning for this all began in Fiscal Year 2013 with the announcement that Rio would be awarded $3.5-million for the project. We were grateful for the state dollars provided through the community college to make those renovations, just as we were planning for the first fall in the newly re-opened Florence Evans Hall – now the Reardon One Stop for students. It was designed to combine Admissions, the Registrar’s Office, Financial Aid, the Business Office and the community college all in one location. Changes were indeed taking place moment by moment on the Rio campus.

We also celebrated the many donations from those with loyalties to Rio. Some were expected gifts, while others were wonderful surprises. Raising funds to support the institution is always critical for any college or university. With steady or declining state dollars, decreases in some federal grants, and the rising cost of educating our students – we always need the help of our donors for general operations and special projects. This is very much "one mile at a time," as we work to strengthen the overall financial resources of Rio.

The growing presence of research among faculty and students also continued in the past year at the university. Support grants were awarded to faculty working in teams and also with their students in diverse areas, including Fine Arts as well as others for the sciences and liberal arts. We heard about trips to Wales to study authors and poets, as well as amazing artwork done by our faculty at the new Bob Evans Farms, Inc. campus in New Albany – one sculpture created during a sabbatical leave. Our presence moves beyond Rio in many measurable moments and projects.

The two Boards of Trustees continue to work together to advance the strategic plan, Decade of Dreams and the overall direction for Rio. They join us in overseeing the governance of the institution as well as celebrating the many moments we cherish throughout the year – honoring our alumni, students and staff on several occasions. Together with those trustees, I wish you all a very vibrant next year as we watch each of the special moments unfold. Yes, it is a challenge to commemorate 525,600 minutes. As your president, I am very proud to do so in this Annual Report. You will find the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College continues to be a very special place, with graduates whose lives will create countless memorable moments throughout their lives.

Barbara Gellman-Danley, Ph.D.