Annual Report

Annual Report 2012 CoverPresident’s Welcome

Rio Grande has many dreamers. These are the people passionately committed to higher education, those who spend many waking moments imagining ways to improve the lives of our students. They are trustees and alumni who honor the memories of their loved ones through dedication of time, expertise and
sharing special gifts to the University and Community College. They are often students who  come to Rio to best position themselves for the next stage of their lives. Our dreamers include artists and writers, many whom have made lasting impressions far beyond southeastern Ohio. Our dreamers include faculty committed to a wide array of disciplines,  international education, those who conduct original research with students, and some who guide learners to publish in professional journals. Rio’s dreamers range from graduates who write music and lyrics, create new innovative software, or provide outstanding customer service in hospitals,  schools, businesses, restaurants, non-profit organizations, and right here on campus.

It is my honor as President to present this year’s annual report, Dream Grande. We highlight many exciting initiatives and the individuals whose dreams brought them to fruition. Rio Grande is experiencing transformational change, with a keen eye on remaining competitive in a global economy. We want to assure the certificates and degrees offered are matched with both market needs and the aspirations of our learners. As I travel throughout the state and country, I am deeply touched by the stories of our alumni whose lives were forever changed as a result of their years at Rio Grande. It is not unusual to meet graduating students who simply do not want to leave Rio or imagine a life beyond their college and university years. It is our job to give them the gentle push forward, and yet remind them this is a home to which they may always return.

I am pleased to share that our faculty are very active in seeking grants, speaking at conferences and publishing in their fields. Due to creative new programs, we have received repeat visits from many dignitaries – state and national, as well as funds to support the goals of our strategic plan, Decade of Dreams. With an increased national focus on the cost of college and student debt, the Rio model remains affordable and deserving of the attention it is receiving across the country. We must, however, continue to monitor our costs and seek scholarships and find new forms of revenue to support our students.

Thank you to our alumni, trustees, and friends who continue to help us dream big and find ways to wake up to new opportunities. Please take the time to visit the campus and our off-campus locations in Meigs and Vinton counties, where we continue to grow and reach new learners. As you read this annual report, take the time to dream of our next few years and find ways to help us
change the world together.

Barbara Gellman-Danley, Ph.D.