Annual Report 2008-2009

Annual-Report-2008-2009 CoverA Message from the President

Rio Grande  - putting your future within reach by providing educational, personal growth, and economic development opportunities.

This new mission statement was adopted by the Boards of Trustees on April 18, 2009 to better reflect all that we do at Rio Grande. It recognizes that Rio Grande executes a
three-pronged approach to our service to the community. As the key provider of higher
education in our region, it is incumbent upon us to fulfill many roles. 

Our first priority is, of course, higher education. We continue to strive to offer programs that provide students with a variety of academic opportunities as well as allow graduates to be gainfully employed in the area. Throughout the years, we have responded to local employers’ needs by establishing programs n allied health areas, plant maintenance, graduate education, and a master in business administration.

Personal growth is a vital part of the higher education experience. Rio Grande meets this need by offering students experiences both on campus and off-campus that help them become well-rounded individuals. Off-campus travel opportunities, both in the United States and abroad, allow students to experience, many of them for the first time, different cultures. Interaction with Rio Grande’s international student population also provides growth opportunities. A focus on  community service, both in our academic programs and in our extracurricular activities, builds character and fosters a foundation for future civic responsibility.

Economic development is important to all that we do at Rio Grande. By working closely with area employers, such as health care providers, we offer education that improves the quality of life for not only our graduates but for everyone in the region. Rio Grande proudly continues to produce graduates who are sought after by employers…in education, business, and health care. Our graduates are also successful applicants to graduate, professional and medical schools.

Successful completion of the Lighting the Way Campaign provided many opportunities for our students: increased scholarships, new facilities, new and enhanced academic programs. Your support is vital to Rio Grande’s –and our student’s— continued achievement. We appreciate all
you do to help Rio Grande prosper.

Donald P. Wood
Interim President