Annual Report 2003-2004

Annual Report 2003-2004 CoverDear Friends:

A longtime friend and Rio Grande trustee often offers these words of advice: “Do more. Do it  better. Do it with less.” These are words of wisdom, indeed.

Each year, Rio Grande strives to do more, to improve what we already do, and, while we don’t necessarily achieve it with less, we do operate efficiently and effectively.

Following an academic year, it is always exciting to reflect upon what we’ve accomplished. With your support, in 2003-2004, Rio Grande:

  • Added new academic programs
  • Offered programs in new locations throughout the region
  • Employed technology in different and exciting ways
  • Celebrated our own culture as well as other cultures
  • Provided our students with exciting educational opportunities both on campus and off campus
  • Enjoyed a record enrollment
  • Fielded the NAIA National Champion Soccer Team and an NAIA Final Eight Softball Team

Future plans are equally exciting, including a new Student Success Center to provide learning assistance for our students, a business incubator to help local entrepreneurs start small  businesses, a chapter of an honorary society especially for students in two-year academic  programs, a varsity women’s soccer team, additional academic programs, accreditation for certain existing academic programs and much more.

None of what we have achieved or hope to achieve would be possible without the dedication and generous support of Rio Grande’s many faculty, staff, friends, and alumni. You truly enable us to “Do more,” and “Do it better.”

I hope that as you read this annual report, you will catch the excitement of the present and sense the potential for the future. Rio Grande is now a strong regional institution affecting the lives of all of the people of southern Ohio as well as the future progress of the region. We can be proud of all of the accomplishments, but as I’ve said on many occasions, Rio’s best days are still ahead.

Barry M. Dorsey