Annual Report 2001-2002

Annual Report 2001-2002 CoverDear Rio Grande Family:

A Rio Grande student recently noted that “some universities hope you succeed; Rio Grande helps you succeed.”

This is, in a nutshell, Rio Grande’s aim for its students. We want to help our students be successful, not only in their academic pursuits, but also throughout their lives, both professional and personal. Since 1876, this has been Rio Grande’s legacy to its students and our friends have made our mission possible.

Once again, with your support, the year was filled with successes and growth. In 2001-2002, Rio Grande:

  • Celebrated its 125th Anniversary
  • Dedicated the Alumni Memorial Bell Tower
  • Made a successful transition to semesters
  • Revised the General Education Curriculum
  • Opened a safer, more attractive campus entrance
  • Formalized a transfer agreement with Hocking College to facilitate the transfer of students
  • Received a 5-year, $1.7 million Title III grant to improve student retention
  • Added a Liberal Studies degree to the Fast Forward Adult Degree Program
  • Sent both the Redmen basketball and soccer teams to the NAIA Final Four

Plans for Rio’s future are just as exciting, including a nursing program that will be offered on-line to the military in June 2003, new academic programs, and an expansion of the programs and services offered at the Meigs Center, to name only a few initiatives. We hope to provide our students with access to more programs that will give them opportunities to be successful and to stay in this region, because this is important to many of them and it is critical to the future of our area.

To those of you who helped make this past year significant for Rio Grande, I am most appreciative. With your continued assistance, Rio Grande will truly be Southern Ohio’s “premier institution.”

Barry M. Dorsey