Dr. Alisa Neeman Assistant Professor
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PC Applications CS 10103





Fall 2012

August 20-December 7 2012

Lecture Sect. 01: Mon, Wed 9:30-10:20 Lab: Thurs., 9:30-11:20

Section 02: Mon, Wed 1:30-3:20
Lab: Thurs:
Thurs, 1:30-3:20



Computer Science

Professor:  Alisa Neeman

Phone:       245-7042
Email:       aneeman@rio.edu, Web site: http://faculty.rio.edu/aneeman
Office:      308 McKenzie Hall
Office Hours:  M, W 12:30-1:30 pm?F 9:30-10:30 am, 1:30-3:30 pm

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  An introduction to the microcomputer and application software.

The purpose of this course is to give the student basic skills needed for college level work and the work place. Emphasis is placed on gaining practical experience with word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, database systems, and the Internet. Two hours lecture, two hours lab. Course fee required.




Shelly, Gary B., Vermaat, Misty E. Micrososft Office 2010: Introductory,  2011,  ISBN: 9781439078389. Cengage Learnng.

USB Drive.

SOFTWARE (Available in Lab):

Windows 7
Microsoft Office 2010


COURSE OUTCOMES:  The following outcomes have been adopted for this course.  All outcomes listed below have direct relevance to course material.  Upon completion of this course students are expected to be able to:

1.     Understand the main components, software and peripherals that come with a PC

2.     Send and receive emails, add and save email attachments

3.     Write a research paper with citations and references using a PC application

4.     Be able to create a presentation which includes multimedia using a PC application

5.     Create and format a spreadsheet using a PC application

6.     Use formulas and create charts from spreadsheet data

7.     Create and query tables in a simple database




Grade calculation                                                                                                                                        


% of Grade


60%  (10% will be deducted for every day late)



2 Exams

10% each (5th and 10th week)

Final Exam





A:  93%,  A-:90%

B+: 87%, B: 83%, B-: 80%

C+: 77%, C: 73%, C-: 70%

D+: 67%, D: 63%, D-: 60%

F  = < 60%



Exams:  There will be two exams during the semester. They will be given during the 5th and 10th week of classes. The exams will cover material discussed in class, labs and book chapters. Final exam will be comprehensive.


Classroom and Lab Behavior:  The use of mobile devices (making calls, texting, emailing, etc) is not permitted during class and lab times. You may leave your phone on vibrate or silence mode in order to receive emergency calls.


Academic Integrity:

All students are expected to present and represent their own original work and properly credit any outside sources used in preparation of their own original work.


Harassment Policy

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1.     Intro to Computers and Windows 7
Operating Systems
Purchasing A Computer
File Systems

2.     Email (Microsoft Outlook)
Spam and Malware

3.     Microsoft Word
Research Papers
Business Letters

4.     Microsoft PowerPoint
Content and Clip Art
Formatting, Adding Images and Word Art
Adding Multimedia

5.     Microsoft Excel
Creating a worksheet, Charts
Formulas and Functions
Working with Large Worksheets

6.Microsoft Access
Creating a Database
Querying a Database
Maintaining a Database