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Zack & Sara Lowry

Meeting in the Spring of 2009 in the lobby of Moulton Hall, Zack Lowry and Sara Stiffler
were both pledging for their Greek organizations. Sara for Lambda Omicron Psi,
and Zack of Alpha Sigma Phi. Since that time, the pair have been inseparable.  

While at Rio, the couple attended the Bell Tower Ball, were members of the
All Greek Council, and went to all of their Greek functions together. 

In August 2013, the couple were married in Jackson, Ohio, where they reside today.

Sara graduated in May 2010, and Zack just completed the Buckeye Hills LPN
program last year. They both currently work at Holzer in Post Acute Care.
Zack will be returning to Rio to complete the LPN to RN program.

Bobby & Darian Sizemore

In the fall of 2013, while pledging for Zeta Theta Chi, Darian Napier met Bobby Sizemore. 

During a hypnotist show in the Fine Arts Building, Bobby ended up sitting behind Darian
and her Big, Ally. He started talking to the two girls about an event his fraternity (Alpha Chi Nu)
and their sorority had done together a couple of weeks prior. Ally had made some remark a
bout how late Bobby was, and he said, “It’s not my fault. I’m only the secretary!”
Darian turned around and said back, “Well, maybe if you had actually paid attention in the
meetings and done your job right, you would have been on time!”

Bobby was taken aback by the comment, and Ally started laughing. Darian, who was not the
kind of person to make smart comments, was pretty proud of herself. Later that night,
Bobby messaged her on Twitter and the two started talking. He told her he was also
surprised at how “sassy” she was. 

The couple began dating in April 2014. About a year and half later, Bobby proposed to Darian
on the Rio basketball court during Bevo Weekend. The two were married June 10, 2017.
Both are Class of 2017 graduates from Rio.

Brad & Kayla Cline

From the moment Kayla laid eyes on Brad, she couldn’t stop thinking of him.

While working at a local grocery store in the summer of 2011, Brad went through
Kayla’scheck-out line. No numbers were exchanged, but Kayla knew his name.
However, she had no luck finding him on social media. 

So later that fall when Kayla started classes at Rio Grande, never in her wildest
dreams would she imagine running into him – but on the first day of her Psychology
class, there he was! 

It took a few months for her to muster up enough courage to talk to him, but she
finally got his number from a friend and the couple have been together ever since.

Both are Greek Alumni – Kayla, Alpha Mu Beta and Brad, Alpha Sigma Phi.

The couple was married in the Summer of 2015, graduated in May 2017 with their Associate's degree in Nursing, and they just welcomed their first child together this past June. 

Gary & Ashley Horsley

Ashley remembers meeting her husband while in high school. Gary and Wes Thoene
had visited her high school to promote Business Day in 2009. Ashley was a senior at the time.

Then in November 2010, they reconnected because of the ENACTUS group (SIFE at the time) which Gary was heavily involved in. Ashley soon joined the group, and after talking for a few weeks, the two knew they wanted to start dating.

Their first date was December 5, 2010. They dated for the next year, and at the
stroke of midnight on New Year’s 2012, Gary popped the question in front of family
and friends in Conference Room C on Rio Grande’s campus. They were married two
weeks after Ashley graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in 2012.

Ashley says, “It was a fast and crazy relationship that grows better everyday!”

The couple now have a four year old daughter, Avanlee; one and half year old son,
Jackson; and a baby girl, Kenzington, on the way! Everytime the family drives by campus,
Avanlee asks, “Is that were you first met daddy?” And Ashley loves telling her the story.

Joe & Amber Schenk

Joe met Amber on the first day of his sophomore year at Rio. It was during
SEARCH – a campus Bible study group. Joe remembers Amber’s “pretty, blond hair”.

However, Amber didn’t fall for Joe right away. The two were hanging out, talking,
and just when Joe thought they were going to become an official couple,
Amber started dating Joe’s best friend.

That relationship didn’t last long, and soon Amber and Joe were a couple. One year into
dating, Joe said he felt God telling him to break up with Amber and devote some time to his relationship with God. So sadly, the couple split up after crying over a bottle of Mountain Dew.

During the next year apart, the couple grew as individuals. They two often hung out
as friends, since they both were involved in SEARCH. Soon, Joe was noticing the
characteristics he was praying for in his future wife – all of those were present in Amber,
i.e. people were more important than things; she was kind and generous;
observant of others’ needs; and she was someone who loved Jesus more than anyone else.
Therefore, Joe decided to pursue and marry her.

He went out and bought a ring, and he asked her back out - she said yes!
Several months later, he asked her to marry him, and she again said yes!
The couple were married August 2003, just a few months after Joe
graduated from Rio with his Bachelor’s degree.

They are currently living in Rio, raising their family of three girls.

Kent & Lisa Walker

Lisa (Sowers) Walker met her husband, Kent Walker, in the spring of 1985 when he
came to her dorm room in Davis Hall to pick up her roommate for a date. She remembers
lying on her bed after they left and telling God, “That’s the kind of guy I’m looking for.”
Little did she know that five years later (and after he also dated her OTHER roommate),
God didn’t send her a “guy like that”, He sent her HIM!

Kent and Lisa were married on November 3, 1990, and recently celebrated their 27th
wedding anniversary! The couple have two sons, ages 25 and 21. Kent graduated from
Rio Grande in 1987 with a BS in Education and in 1994 with a MS in Education.
He was also involved in the Grande Chorale while at Rio. Lisa graduated in 1986
with an AAB in Medical Secretary and in 1995 with a BS in Education.
She also served as the secretary of the Math and Science Building from 1990-1994.

Kent is in his 31st year of teaching and is an intervention specialist at
Vinton County Middle School. Lisa is in her 23rd year of teaching and is the
Business/Media teacher at Jackson High School. They reside in Wellston, Ohio.

Daniel & Becca Fraser

Becca met her husband during Welcome Weekend in August 2012.
Both were freshmen coming to Rio for the first time.

During the move-in festivities, Becca recalls meeting and talking with girls in her dorm, Davis Hall. One girl was sitting on the edge of a sidewalk reading a book in the middle of all of the move-in festivities. So, Becca went over and introduced herself. The girls name was Julia. They chatted for about half and hour, and then ran into one of Julie’s high school classmates – Daniel.

Julie introduced Becca to Daniel, and the three hung out for about an hour until Julia had to meet back up with her dad (who worked at Rio). So now the pair were alone and since they were getting along well enough, they continued to hang out.

They played a few rounds of laser tag, went to the Red Zone and hilariously attempted a
round of pool, and then miserably failed at a game of ping pong – all while laughing the entire time. The two even went and had dinner together. After that, they went for a walk to the reservoir that was close by. On the way, they passed Simpson Chapel, and Becca asked
Daniel to join her for services in the morning, and Daniel accepted. After walking around the reservoir, they made their way back to campus.

Daniel was meeting up with his friends, Ray and Trey in the Red Zone. Becca was invited and she recalls enjoying watching Daniel play ‘Guitar Hero’ with his friends. But that wasn’t the end of the couple’s time together. After Trey left, Daniel, Ray and Becca headed back to Daniel’s dorm room where the three picked out a movie from Daniel’s extensive DVD collection, and they all laughed they cried over the good, but awful movie, “Kung Pow”. After the movie, the guys decided to play video games, and Becca ended up falling asleep on the side of Daniel’s bed. As she was starting to wake up, Becca remembers Daniel asking Ray how he could wake Becca up without her freaking out. Ray told Daniel to just let her sleep, and for him to sleep on the floor. Daniel knew that was not a good plan, and eventually Becca woke up on her own. The two said their ‘goodnights’ and ‘goodbyes’ for the evening, and Becca left.

The next morning, Daniel was outside at the picnic table waiting to walk to church
with Becca. They enjoyed each other’s company over lunch after church, and this time
watched a movie of Becca’s choosing, “Westside Story”.

Soon, Becca and Daniel were hanging out every day after classes. After the first week,
Daniel kept telling Becca he has a question to ask her. He stuttered around for a bit and then finally spoke up and asked Becca to be his girlfriend. Becca thought it was quick,
but she was happy and enjoyed the time they spent together. Daniel made her smile and laugh more than she had in the last couple of years, and it was a good feeling.
So she agreed to be his girlfriend on August 26, 2012.

The couple were engaged nearly a year later on August 31, 2013 and then were
married on April 25, 2015. Becca is a 2015 graduate, and Daniel graduated in 2016.
The couple is expecting their first child this May. The couple still regularly visits
Zack & Scotties monthly – a place they hung out and spent time together as a couple on campus. And they both still thank Julia for introducing them!

Brett & Michele Coreno 

Michele’s love story began before she was even born.

In 1970, her mother – a junior softball player from Oak Hill – was teaching a summer
swim class at Rio Grande to fulfill her Physical Education degree. As fate would have it,

a senior baseball player still needed one last credit that was required to graduate.
So as fate would have it, the students met and it was love at first site. While finishing
their Rio degrees, they dated and were married during fall quarter.

After Michele’s parent’s left Rio, they moved to Chillicothe and began their
careers while starting a family. While growing up, Michele was familiar with Rio Grande
and the stories they told about it, but she never considered it as a college choice.
However, her decision changed when Michele decided that she wanted to become an
educator. Her parents then told her about Rio’s strong education program and the success
they both had. After meeting Coach Patsy Field and being offered a spot on the volleyball
team, the decision was easy. Michele was headed to Rio Grande.

In the fall of 1992, she began her freshmen year at Rio. While learning to balance
school work, volleyball and living on her own for the very first time, she made friends
and spent time with other athletes. Then, she fell in love.

Brett was a Rio Grande basketball player (center) – coached by John Lawhorn –
and was an accounting major. He was fun to be around and the two instantly clicked.
Michele and Brett would hang out with their roommates, go to the Bob Evans Farm for
dinner, and would always support one another and Rio at sporting and academic events.
Michele remembers the road trips her and her friends would take all over Ohio and
West Virginia just to watch Brett play basketball.

Eventually, Brett was influenced by Michele’s love for education and he soon
changed his major. While he was still finishing his degree and was coaching at Oak Hill,
Brett proposed to Michele in her dorm room.

Michele finished her senior year, participating in volleyball all four year.
Brett went on to be a two-time MOC Player of the Year, 6th leading scorer in Rio’s history,
and he was inducted in Rio’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 2014.

The couple have now been married for nearly 21 years, and have two amazing boys,
Bryce (17) and Brady (13). They currently reside in Piketon, Ohio and both teach at
Piketon High School. Michele says that the college holds a special place in their hearts
and they visit often, because it is where their story began.

Chad & Angela Lambert

Roses are red, violets are blue;
Here’s a not-so-normal Rio love story for you.

How does an introverted commuter student with average looks and no direction
end up winning the heart of a beautiful, popular, ambitious resident student?

Back then, it was called aggressive courtship.
Today, its known by a more clinical definition: stalking.

Chad Lambert skated through his first quarter at Rio in the fall of 1989. It was during his third day of winter quarter, in his Intro to Biology 104 class, that he saw her. And it was love at first sight…for him. She didn’t know who he was, nor would she. He failed the class and had to drop it. Nonetheless, he sat in the lobby of the building every day for a chance to see her.

How, in an era before social media, did a total stranger get another total stranger’s name? Easy: deliver a dozen red roses, pose as the delivery guy, and have her sign for them. Then send more, along with mix tapes, song lyrics, and lots of kind-hearted notes at all hours of the day and night until, eventually, she takes your call. Her name was Angela Price, a well-known freshman who was already an editor at the campus newspaper.

As luck would have it, an impromptu phone call to Davis Hall turned into a two-hour conversation between two soulmates, which eventually led to five years of dating, two marriage proposals, 22+ years of marriage, and two very tall teenage boys. The Lamberts live happily in Cincinnati, but their hearts are forever tied to Rio Grande.

Dick & Mary Pierce

Mary McCurdy met her husband Richard ‘Dick’ Pierce in Dr. Shane’s (a Gallipolis physician) office in July of 1964. She was there with mono, and Dick was there getting shots

for the U.S. Navy. He recognized Mary from Dr. Ewing’s literature class, and so he
offered to share his notes with her since she was not going to be able to return to
class for one week – a week in summer school was a lot to miss.

So Dick took Mary his notes and then asked if she would like to go out after she was feeling better. Mary’s roommate at the time thought Dick was dating another girl, so Mary did not get too excited about the future engagement. One night, Dick threw a rock at Mary’s bedroom window and asked if she wanted to go swimming at Cora Park the next day.

Dick and Mary’s first date was with another couple that lived off campus. The car they took smelled like gas. (Mary – who couldn’t smell – was told this by the other girl).
Dick and the other guy had ciphered gas from someone’s car so they all could make
the trip to Cora Park. Mary remembers being surprised but enjoyed her first date, and then the dates that came after. Their second date was a night out at the movies and the Grande Café.
The couple continued to date until Dick left for Great Lakes in August.

During the four years he was away with the Navy, Dick wrote to Mary and visited her at Rio while he was on leave, but Mary felt it wouldn’t work. However, in the summer of 1968, their paths crossed again at a party in Columbus. The couple met up and began dating again while he was home. Dick then invited Mary to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. She took him up on the invitation with the idea that she would get to at least see Hawaii if nothing else.

Dick came home in 1969, and the couple were engaged and married on August 30, 1969. After the wedding, the pair returned to Rio so Dick could finish his degree. Mary, who graduated Rio in 1968, began teaching in Coalton for Wellston City Schools. They lived in that area until 1971 when they took different jobs in Central Ohio. Mary was still in the education system, and Dick worked in the finance field. After battling cancer, Dick passed away March 25, 2003.

To this day, Mary says she is very happy she went out with the guy that ciphered gas. Dick and Mary had 34 years of great memories, and Rio will always mean a lot to her. 

Josh & Sarah Holland

It was the fall of 2002, and AOL internet messaging was the new way to meet friends in the dorms at Rio. Sarah Brame was a freshman from McArthur, Ohio, and had met tons of new friends thanks to being on the women’s track team and living in Davis Hall.

On a hunch from a friend on the men’s soccer team, she sent a, “Hi, how are you?”
to a soccer player from Point Pleasant, Josh Holland. He had remembered seeing her at
the first freshman event that first weekend of school, while she recalled seeing him several
weeks later at the Red Zone. They instantly hit it off due to a mutual love of the movie
‘Fight Club’ and dated for several months before ending their relationship in the spring of 2003. Josh ended up transferring to Marshall that fall, while Sarah stayed at Rio, graduating in 2007. They stayed friends, but mainly through the internet; as they were both night owls,
chit chatting away during late night while working on classwork. Both dated other people
over the next five years, and time passed. Sarah ended up being the first graduating senior
from the women’s soccer program, and a sister of Alpha Mu Beta. Josh attended Marshall for several years, before joining the beer industry. Sarah eventually transitioned to Hocking for a second degree after completing her career at Rio, and then finished at Marshall.

In fall 2008, both Sarah and Josh ended up single at the same time. Still thanks to
good ol’ AOL Instant Messenger, they reconnected and realized this relationship was more serious than during its first go-around freshman year. Josh proposed to Sarah on
Christmas Eve 2010, with the assistance of the Point Pleasant Santa and Mrs. Claus.
In May 2012 they were married, and December 2013, little Max showed up.
This past December 2017, AOL Instant Messenger officially was disbanded by AOL,
but Sarah and Josh are still going strong. Sarah and Josh introduced Max to Rio’s
campus and the Bob Evans Farm Festival this past fall; though by being four, he was
more impressed by the farm festival.

Sarah is a home health physical therapist assistant, in Scott Depot, WV; Josh is the brand representative for Country Boy Brewing Company across the state of West Virginia;
Max is a local preschool expert on superheroes in Huntington, WV.

Ryan & Samantha Klingaman

Samantha met Ryan in the cafeteria at Rio Grande during the last week in August 2012. They were introduced to one another by a mutual party, who later shared Ryan’s number with Samantha. For about one month, the two texted back and forth, but were only friends.

Finally, Ryan asked Samantha to lunch. She was a very picky eater, and Ryan chose the one place in Rio she would rather not go to – Subway. But this made for Ryan’s favorite memory – he said that Samantha was the only girl he knew that goes to Subway and orders pizza!

Their second date was at the Apple Festival in Jackson. The two met there, and this was the day that Samantha would fall in love with Ryan.

After about three years of dating – which included a long-distance relationship for a
bout six months (as Ryan was in the Air Force), Ryan proposed to Samantha on
Thanksgiving Day 2015. The proposal took place in front of a Christmas light display in
Canton, OH – where Ryan’s family is from. Samantha remembers being asked right in
front of the light-up Grinch in the candy cane forest. Thanksgiving Day was Ryan’s
favorite holiday, and it soon became Samantha’s.

The couple was married four months later on March 12. Both are now graduates from Rio.
Ryan has an Associate’s degree in Business Management, and Samantha has a Bachelor’s
degree in Middle School Education. Ryan is still in the Air Force, and will soon be going on another deployment. The two reside in Jackson, OH. 

Roger & Susan Brandeberry

In December of 1976, Roger was a student at Otterbein College. He was home in
Gallipolis for Christmas break. His friend, Mike Evans, was a student at Rio Grande College. Otterbein was playing Rio Grande in a basketball game during Christmas break at Rio Grande. So naturally, the two decided to go to the game.    

The men walked into Lyne Center and took seat on the bench side of the gym to watch
the game. Almost immediately, Roger noticed a very pretty girl sitting across the floor
on the other side of the gym. He pointed her out to Mike and asked him if he knew her. Mike said that he did. Roger stood up and said to Mike, “Come on, I want you to introduce me to her”. The two walked over to where she and her friends were sitting, and Mike introduced him to Susan Lockard, a Rio Grande student from Wellston.

Mike and Roger sat and talked to the girls for a while and eventually asked Susan what
they were doing after the game. She said they were going to Pizza Hut in Gallipolis.
Roger asked her if she cared if they joined them. She said, “It’s a free country!” That was,
to be sure, a lukewarm response, but Roger was not deterred. The men joined the girls at Pizza Hut, and by the end of the evening, Susan had agreed to go on a date with Roger the next night.

The following night, Roger went to Wellston to pick Susan up. He met her parents and
ended up talking to her father for about an hour before the couple left. It turned out that
Susan’s father was a gun collector, and Roger was very interested in guns. Susan and Roger
saw a lot of each other over Christmas break, and by the time he headed back to Otterbein a
few weeks later, Roger was pretty sure Susan was the one for him. Roger came home almost every weekend to see her. The next year, he transferred to Marshall for their criminal justice program, and also so that her would be closer to her.

The couple dated two and a half more years and on June 2, 1979, after Roger graduated
and before Susan’s senior year at Rio, they were married. They lived at Valley View
Apartments that year while she finished her degree in Elementary Education at Rio. She
also worked part time at Bob Evans and Roger was working a police officer in Gallipolis.

After graduating from Rio, Susan taught first grade and kindergarten for 35 years in the Gallipolis City Schools. Roger came back to Rio to pick up requirements for a teaching certificate, and then spent his career in law enforcement. This June, the couple will be celebrating 39 years of marriage. Roger says thank goodness they both went
to that basketball game at Rio!

Adam & Karen Allie

During a trip to Super America in the spring of 1996 – a trip that Karen’s friend and her boyfriend insisted that she go on them with – Karen met Adam – a cute, quiet, nice,
funny, a bit introverted employee who was working the night shift.

For the next few months, Karen would visit the store during the night. She met Adam’s
best friend, and the group of students and friends would do silly things at the store – like ‘cat talk’ into the microphone. Karen thought Adam was cute, but he never asked her out; but his friends always did. However, Karen always politely declined two offers, just waiting for Adam to ask but perhaps he thought she would not go out with him either. Karen knew the notion that the boy asked the girl out, and she would not do the asking. So summer came, and with it, Karen’s friend moved home and her time at Super America came to an end.

A year or so passed, and while Karen was walking through the food court on
Rio Grande’s campus, she seen Adam. So, she went over to say hello. She soon found out
he was dating someone, and his reason for coming to college was so he could support a family because he had plans of asking his girlfriend to marry him. Karen was also dating someone
she really liked, but neither of their love interests went to Rio. So the two began to hang out
after Adam’s evening class.

For the next few months, Adam visited Karen in the New Dorm, and hung out with her and
her friends. She invited him to Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) meetings which were
held in Wood Hall. They would usually share dinner together, and talk about their significant others. At first, it was great. They were still happy with their current relationships.
Karen even remembers when Adam’s girlfriend left a note on his truck. Adam was so
love struck and excited that she went out of her way to leave him a note.

When summer came, the two didn’t see each other much. After fall session started back up,
the fell into the same habits as the year before. Karen really enjoyed Adam’s friendship,
but things were not going well with his relationship. He had got engaged but things turned
sour, so he broke up with his fiancé. Karen’s relationship was not going as good as she wanted it too – he just wasn’t interested at the same level Karen was – so soon, Karen was single too.

Karen soon felt Adam started seeing her in a romantic way. She remembers him finding
reasons to hang out in her dorm room, and soon would ask for a hug to end the evening.
When he hugged her, Karen remembers how he would inhale deeply. She always thought
he was weird for smelling her hair. (Adam was actually sighing because Karen felt so right
in his arms).
She told her friends and they told her that Adam was seeing her in a new light,
but Karen was in denial. She just was not in that place with him. In fact, at this point, she
decided that she would not date Adam. Karen had made a list of what she wanted in a mate
after her boyfriend broke up with her and Adam wasn’t stacking up to the list. Karen’s next boyfriend had to be a good Christian man, and as far as she could tell, the only reason that
Adam went to the BCM meetings was because she had asked him too. She didn’t seen evidence of a relationship with God from Adam – and that was her biggest roadblock.

It was during winter quarter of 1999 that Adam and Karen were walking around campus. Adam said something like “We should marry one another.” Karen just laughed at him and pretty much told him that she didn’t think she could date him because he wasn’t the Christian man she was looking for. Adam didn’t say much in reply to that, but continued to hang out with her. He never mentioned dating or marrying again, until a few weeks before Karen graduated.

Karen remembers working with her friend Jennifer in the food court. Adam came in,
and Jennifer teased, saying “There’s your boyfriend” Karen adamantly said, “He is not my boyfriend!” Adam looked Karen in the eye and said, “If you ever want to get my attention,
you may have to let me know because I could be looking a different way.” The strange
response led to Adam later telling her that he had decided that although he wanted to date her,
it was looking as if it wasn’t going to happen. But he had given that desire to God to take
care of. Karen was confused, but thought she was right in her convictions.
She graduated that spring, not dating Adam.

After graduation, Karen got a summer job in Pomeroy and then later in Athens.
During that same, she was a missionary to First Baptist Church, living in their parsonage
and working with BCM on Ohio University’s campus. Thom Mollohan was the chaplain,
and he also worked on Rio’s campus. He would tell Karen who he was ministering too, and
even mentioned how much Adam was growing in faith. This made Karen happy, but still never thought Adam was the guy for her.

In October, Karen went home to Delbarton, WV. While on a visit there with her church family, they said they were going to start praying for a good man for her. She thanking them, and encouraged them to pray for her. On the three hour ride home, Karen prayed as well. That is when she heard Adam’s name in her mind – she couldn’t believe it! She tried to ignore it, but the more she prayed, the more convinced she was to date Adam. This continued over the next few weeks, and while she argued with God, she couldn’t get Adam out of her mind and heart.

So Karen finally decided to call Adam and invite him to a movie in Columbus. He was still attending college at Rio, and was shocked to get the phone call. She told him that the movie she wanted to see only showed it Columbus, and so he agreed to come, but only as a friend. When the day came, Karen picked Adam up and got lost on their way to the theatre. They missed dinner, but ate after the movie. On the way home, Karen told Adam she might have decided to try dating him if he still wanted too. The two agree to have a date later that week. Karen can still remember how at the end of that night, she said something to Adam like “We might as well just kiss and get it over with.” She was sure was getting the wrong signals from God and would feel nothing if they kissed, and then they could go their separate ways.

But the kiss was wonderful. Karen was angry. She didn’t remember much about the drive back to Athens, other than she was in disbelief. When she got home, she angrily told her then roommate Dianna how was going to marry Adam Allie. Dianna was overjoyed, but it took a while for Karen to come to grips with her new revelation. She had to eat crow when it came to her friends and telling them that she was dating Adam – especially Jennifer.

The couple’s romance spanned a total of four years, beginning in 1996. Adam and Karen said their ‘I Do’s’ on November 11, 2000.

Karen says, “Sometimes the best things come to those who wait.” She can honestly say Adam is a very patient man. She is still stirred by his kiss, but is mostly glad she got to marry her friend. If it wasn’t for their time at Rio Grande, where they became good friends, Karen believes they wouldn’t have the fantastic marriage that they have now.

*Note: Karen’s parents – Harry Duruttya and Joyce Farrar –
met at Rio in the 1960s, and were married June 1968.  

Scott & Kara Wenger

Scott and Kara’s love story began at Rio in 1994.

Kara was recruited by Coach Bob Willey and Ed Sayre to run Cross Country/Track.
At practice, a group of freshman girls including Kara was looking at the upperclassman guys
and discussing amongst themselves who they thought was nice looking (It’s what girls do!)
Well everyone thought Scott was attractive. He was the only guy on the Cross Country team
that went to church.

Scott eventually asked a few of the girls to go with him. Since the girls knew that Kara
liked him most of all, they would always jump in the back of Scott’s car –
leaving the front seat for Kara.

Kara got Scott’s phone number from his roommate, who told Kara that he thought Scott liked Kara too. So Kara worked up the nerve to ask him out. She remembers calling, and asking, “Would you like to go out sometime?” His reply caught her off guard,
“Well, I’ve got nothing better to do.” Kara then replied,
“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Scott laughed and said, “I’m just kidding.”

The two had their first date on September 13, 1994. They went to the Spring Valley
Cinema and watched, ‘The Little Rascals’. After the movie, they headed to the Shake Shoppe. Their first kiss was on the stairwell of Davis Hall.

On July 31, 1995, Scott asked Kara to marry him after just nine months of dating. Kara continued her education at Rio her sophomore year, but changed her major to education.
Both finished their running careers at Rio in 1997. Scott graduated with a Bachelor’s
degree in Business, and Kara with her Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education.

Kara and Scott were married in Kara’s hometown of Greenville, OH on December 13, 1997. They just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary, and are thankful for Ed Sayre and
Coach Willey for recruiting them to run for Rio.

The couple now reside in West Liberty, Ohio and own a produce business.
Their greatest accomplishment is their four children.