Room Reservation Form - On Campus

All students under the age of 23 living outside of 50 miles will be required to live on campus for the first four semesters. The exceptions are: 1) married students 2) students with custody of a child 3) students who establish a permanent residency within 50 miles of campus.  All requests for exception and questions concerning residency requirements should be directed to the Dean of Students.

Dena Warren


Office: 740-245-7396

Fax: 740-245-7341

Toll Free: 800-282-7201


In order to be placed in a residence hall room, you must complete and return the following:

The Housing Agreement Contract must be returned with your Residence Hall Living Application submission. You may either:

  • Save the .pdf, sign the form, scan, then upload to your Room Reservation Form, or
  • Print the .pdf, sign, and return via mail to the address listed below

Please return all forms to:

Student Affairs Office

University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College

P.O. Box 500

Rio Grande, Ohio 45674