Mission and Vision


The University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College is America's unique private/public institution of higher education designed to provide learners the opportunity to attain a high-quality, high-value education. Our personalized, learner-centered environment promotes successful lives, careers, and responsible citizenship.

Rio Grande Community College, created in 1974, offers:

  • Associate’s degrees for students in professional studies and the liberal arts and sciences, as well as certificates in career and technical areas.
  • The first two years of courses for bachelor’s degrees.
  • Access to a broad array of courses at an affordable price.
  • Developmental courses along with the necessary support to enhance academic skills.
  • Appropriate business and industry partnerships and training for economic development in the surrounding four-county community college district.
  • Linkages with high schools that promote uninterrupted high school to college articulation.
  • Opportunities for community involvement in the decision-making processes.

The University of Rio Grande, founded in 1876, offers:

  • Access to a broad array of associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.
  • An effective balance of career preparation, liberal arts and practical training in a nurturing environment characterized by a focus on the unique needs of the individual.
  • Opportunities for intellectual and personal growth in a close-knit campus community.
  • Small business entrepreneurial training and partners with RGCC to enhance economic development opportunities in the region.

Both URG and RGCC are committed to:

  • Encouraging the development and enhancement of integrity, morally and ethically responsible behavior, respect for diversity and service learning among students and employees.
  • Nurturing basic professional values such as a hard work ethic, basic honesty, self-discipline, perseverance, interpersonal cooperation and social responsibility among students and employees.
  • Providing equal opportunity for students and employees, whatever their age, gender, religious background, ethnic or cultural heritage.
  • Providing opportunities for any student with special needs to receive an education equal to that of any other student.
  • Offering courses through distance and distributed learning at the certificate, undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Providing opportunities for students, employees and members of the communities served by the institutions to be engaged intellectually, aesthetically, socially and physically outside the classroom setting.
  • Maintaining a highly motivated and academically qualified full-time faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching, advising and personal attention.

A Rio Grande education instills self-confidence and motivation and prepares students for the challenges of living a fulfilling life, reaching career and pre-professional goals and being a responsible citizen in a culturally diverse, global community.


URG/RGCC will become a learner-centered community. It will provide support, developmental activities and modern equipment for faculty, staff and students. This support will enable the faculty and staff to increase the learning and academic achievements of the students. URG/RGCC will provide an environment where learning is the priority and excellent teaching is honored. The institution will respond quickly to regional, state, national and international needs.

To realize this vision, all members of the URG/RGCC community must emphasize the following:

  • Teaching-learning. We will implement a campus-wide coordinated effort to help students make learning a priority and achieve academic success. We will emphasize critical thinking and reflective thought. Our increase in the depth and breadth of instruction will result in graduates better prepared for the world of the future.
  • Technology. We will encourage the use of educational technology to facilitate teaching and learning.
  • Assessment. We will continue and increase our efforts to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and learning by both traditional and innovative means.
  • Transfer. We will continue to work with other degree-granting institutions in the State of Ohio and outside to establish mutually satisfactory terms for transfer.
  • Faculty and staff development. The institution will be committed to increasing the level of faculty and staff development in order to enrich both our professional and personal lives.
  • Economic development. We will provide a rapid response to the needs of local businesses, industry and organizations to provide courses, programs of study, certification and retraining of employees for new business opportunities.
  • Communication. We will promote open communication with all stakeholders, such as members of the boards of trustees, administration, faculty, staff and students. Open communication promotes accountability and responsibility for teaching-learning.