Safe Zone Ally Network

Rio’s Safe Zone Symbol marks an office or campus area as a SAFE SPACE for LGBTQ people.  If you see this sticker, the faculty or staff member inside that office has been trained and made a commitment as an ALLY to LGBTQ people. 

TO STUDENTS: This symbol represents a place where you and your identity will be respected and supported.


Fall 2014 Training Sessions
12:00pm-3:00pm on Friday, October 17th, and November 21st.  Please contact April Julier to reserve a space and receive your resource manual and sticker.

Safe Zone Ally Network

These faculty and staff have completed Safe Zone Ally Network Training and have pledged their support to LGBT students as allies. 

Dr. Stephanie Alexander
Jenkins Center (Office F)

Dr. Scott Beekman
Wood Hall 205

Benjy Davies
Fine Arts 126

Dr. Paul Dovyak
Wood Hall 252

Cora Hill
Meigs Center

Rebecca Long
Florence Evans
Meigs Center

Dr. Christopher L. Pines
Wood Hall 213

Gina Pines
Wood Hall 211

Dr. Richard Sax
102 Allen Hall

Dr. Anne Sparks
Wood Hall

Thomas Sutton
Meigs Center