The College Readiness program at the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College is committed to helping students bridge educational gaps in their backgrounds so they can be successful in college-level work and persist to graduation. 

Goal Statements

The Department of College Readiness provides students with essential academic skills to complete college-level coursework by doing the following:

1. Providing a variety of learning opportunities and services to meet the diverse educational needs of students.

2. Implementing, evaluating, and improving assessment and placement procedures.

3. Advising students in developing a plan to persist in college and to acquire the skills critical to enter college-level studies.

4. Preparing students to be successful in freshman-level academic coursework in the minimum amount of time.

5. Inspiring life-long learning.

6. Facilitating self-confidence and motivation in students.

7. Engaging students in the use of technology to enhance learning.

8. Creating independent learners and critical thinkers.